The Fritz™ Water Vest non-profit organization partners with NGO's, Individuals, Fundraiser Campaigns, Corporate Sponsors, and Peer-to-peer partners to receive funding necessary for the manufacture and distribution of water vests to populations in need. 



Individuals & Campaign Donations

As an individual, we can accept donations on the Fritz™ Water Vest project on our website. We also encourage and creative fund raising through Water Walks, sporting events, 5K races, bake sales and other ideas! Let us know about your fundraiser and funding goal. We will do our best to promote your efforts on our social media. #WalkWithFritz 

Our website donation feature is coming soon! For now, contact us below to make a donation:

NGO Sponsorship & Partnering

We partner closely with NGOs who have demonstrated sustainable results and strong relationships in the communities in which they work. There are two ways Fritz™ Water Vest can partner with NGO organizations:

We partner with NGO’s capable of making donations to fund water vest manufacturing and distribution. NGO Partners also serve as a “last-mile” in-field distribution arm and educational resource.

Corporate Sponsorship

We offer several Corporate Sponsorship programs which can be customized based on the donation / sponsorship level. Fritz™ Water Vest will also provide graphic assets to support messaging needs and help tell your social impact story on packaging, websites, social media, and more.


1% for Fritz™ Water Vest

One percent of profit is donated. This can be tailored to a product line or SKU if desired.


One for One

Every product or service sold will donate a water vest for someone in need.

Corporate Advertising

Get your message and brand across with high-impact advertising in emerging markets