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We believe packaging technology can improve the quality of life for all people in the world.


Often referred to as the "achilles heel" of the water crisis, we saw how people stress their bodies to transport water on a daily basis and thought about how our backgrounds in packaging technology could improve the process of transporting water over long distances.

- Dr. Fritz Yambrach
Professor San Jose State University


Fritz™ Water Vest  Solution



The Fritz™ Water Vest is a water carrying device designed to help populations in disaster areas or impoverished areas move safely and hygienically from a source to their homes.


·  Low cost materials and manufacturing
·  Ergonomic design, even weight distribution
·  Anti-microbial, BPA Free
·  Controlled dispensing tap
·  Water filtration attachment



How it works:

Step 1

There is a threaded cap & closure at the base of each watervest. This feature accommodates multiple water filling outlets including rivers, wells, and piped water.


Step 2

Once completely filled, the watervest can be placed over the head; allowing the weight of the water to be evenly distributed over the body without stress or strain.


Step 3

The watervest allows the freedom of hands to carry other necessary items like work tools or books. Now that the weight has been evenly distributed, overall posture is improved, as well.

Here's what they had to say

The staff tried on the water vest and we were all surprised how easy it was to carry 10 liters of water! The results were all very positive and encouraging.
— Fenella Keig, Pfizer Global Heath Fellowship
You know how excited I am to see this wonderful product out there in the development world. I believe there is huge potential and need for the product.
— Hencock, PSI Supply Chain Director

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